All about the Product Owner role in Scrum

The Product Owner role in Scrum is one of three roles in the Scrum framework along with the Scrum Master and Development Team.

The Product Owner role is the leading position related to the provision of product requirements for project development and provides business value for the product, consumers, and stakeholders. Reference: The Product Owner role.

In this article, we describe the main important questions and answers related to the Product Owner role that is not often common in popular literature.

What are the most important responsibilities of the Product Owner role?

It is the link between product developers and stakeholders interested in the financial results following the sale of the product (such as owners, shareholders, partners and the like), and as such maintains active and understandable communication between these two main parts of the company. Develops the idea and vision of the product, creates analyzes of consumer needs in the form of user stories, and plans the sequence of tasks to be achieved to meet the expectations and needs of customers from these services in a product backlog. Plans the phases of launching the product or parts of it and monitors the progress of the work, the phases of work, and compliance with the budget.

Who is the manager at Scrum?

There is no exact leader because there is no hierarchy in the idea of ​​Scrum.

What does the value of the work done mean?

These tasks have value, which is extremely important for the product to be effective. Of lesser value are those tasks that are improvements but are not crucial to the main performance of the product.

What is User Story?

In short, this is a description of the specific needs of a customer who expects to be met in a certain way by our product. Reference: User Stories Real Example. How to create user stories. Example of Acceptance Criteria and Definitions of Done,

Why might User Story not mean a task that team members work on?

User Stories derive and defines tasks that must be performed by teams, they are not tasks in themselves but represent ideas for the end result that can be achieved by performing tasks.

What possible start-up activity can be performed by the Product Owner role and stakeholders and why?

The creation of an initial vision and idea is defined in the beginning according to the interests of the stakeholders, as well as the development of a budget with them because they are the investors in the project and they determine what finances they will be able to allocate and what results they will expect. Reference: What makes a good Product Owner and what do they do,

What are the responsibilities of the Product Manager role in Scrum?

There is no such role, the closest to the character of the product manager is the Product Owner

What are the important knowledge and qualities of the Product Owner role?

Be able to communicate effectively between product developers and stakeholders; to know the peculiarities of the market, the competition and the needs of the clients in order to be able to plan and prioritize the tasks for the teams; to have product knowledge for the developed project in order to be able to give an expert opinion when needed in the development.

What is the difference between the value for consumers of a product and the value of the product from the point of view of its owners?

The value is different for consumers and stakeholders – for the users, it is certain that their needs are met by the characteristics of the developed product, and for shareholders, capital owners, partners, and managers it is the pure financial expression of income and expenses from the operating product. References: Managing business organizations and adding business value. An Agile Manager’s Guide to the Theory of, and Business value in organizations and adding business value to projects and products,

How often should the Product Owner role guide the Development team in terms of how they should do their job?

The Product Owner does not take a stand on this issue, but can always provide help, information, or expertise to improve work efficiency and product quality. Reference: The product owner is king,

What does job prioritization mean?

Arrange the tasks of a runaway product according to its importance to achieve a satisfactory amount of features required by customers to effectively meet their needs.

Why should the Product Owner role prioritize work?

He knows the market, creates User Stories and defines the tasks related to them, and keeping in touch with stakeholders knows which tasks are more important and weighty for them in order to achieve an efficient and profitable product according to their expectations within the set deadlines.

Why can stakeholders stop working on a product when, in terms of planned work, the product is not ready yet?

Stakeholders or all those partners, shareholders and managers who have a financial interest in the product have their own vision of when a product is ready for the market and when it can start to return on investment because it meets a set of customer needs that they may not be the full range planned by the product developers, but they will be enough for a working and working product.

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