Certified project manager shares his wisdom

Certified project manager shares his wisdom

Certified project manager shares his experience. Introducing Gabrielle Johnson, who is already a Certified Project Manager. We will tell you about his ambition and how he took the path of the project management profession, why and which certification program he chose.

Gabrielle Johnson, Certified Project Manager

My interest in project management is justified by a lot of research I have read about building leadership in management. My many years of experience in the field of logistics management of valuable shipments and related activities will be a good basis for upgrading in the field of project management. The tendency to delve into a problem and pay a lot of attention and effort to solve it until its final elimination would be an obstacle in mastering the skills as a project manager, as it requires a comprehensive coverage of all areas of work and project development in detail.

How did you come up with the need to get a certification in the project management profession?

In the company of which I am an employee, several projects are to be finalized, which will contribute to the optimization of two of its main activities, as well as to better reporting and better implementation of the assigned daily work commitments by employees engaged in these types of activities. I believe that my acquaintance with the details of the cited training course will help me to the better and timely implementation of projects.

I want to take a project management course because I want to gain more knowledge, experience, and additional qualification.

I think that the qualities I possess will be useful for the realization of my ideas. I think that I work well in a team, I know how to listen carefully to others, I do not make hasty decisions.

What qualities or skills do you think will be useful in this job?

As an employee of the company for almost 20 years, having started from the lowest level and passed through several types of positions, I believe that I am familiar in detail with the processes in the company for which I am directly updated. The main projects related to the development of this business line in which I participate are mine and the team I work with.

I am currently working as a Service Desk Analyst in an IT company – I have gained experience for 1 year and wants to upgrade and develop.

I am interested in the process itself – project flow.

I want to know how to initiate, implement, develop, and terminate a project because at the moment my work is only related to the support of a product that is in the Go-live phase.

I believe that I have the necessary qualities to actively deal with this and a solid foundation on which to step and upgrade.

I am an ambitious, curious person who can be relied on, I always give my best in my work, I help my colleagues, even other departments with what I can and if I don’t know – I try to learn. I am a team player, but also a leader. I know how to take risks, to take initiative and I am absolutely responsible for my actions.

I speak perfect English, Spanish, and French, as well as a good level of Indian.

I am not competent, I do not have much knowledge about initiating a project, what resources and difficulties it would require, what teams are involved, how priorities and goals should be arranged so that they are followed and achievable, and how a project would be managed in general. , but that’s why I’m here and I plan to learn at least in a month or two.

I feel full of desire and energy to start and finish this course and to be actively involved in project management in the future.

Thank you for having responded to my invitation, and since I know that time is a valuable asset for all of us, I will be as brief as possible and hopefully useful.

Which project management certification program did you choose and why?

I had initially focused on PMP or PRINCE2. Later, however, I chose BVOP. Agile ideas and the application of people-oriented approaches from all management roles in an organization seemed interesting to me. Reference:, BVOP Certified Project Manager (BVOPM)

I started reading the BVOP Ultimate Guide. My interest and curiosity turned to the realization of the importance of the BVOP methodology for modern business. The combination of project management and product management in one certification is an innovative and important approach for me.

Also, the combined practices and disciplines in BVOP in my opinion are mandatory for modern professionals. For now, I left PMP and Prince2. BVOP led me in a different way. I am now studying the Lean, Kanban, and Kaizen principles more seriously. The modern project manager, especially if working in a product organization must know all these terms.

I first encountered the BVOP exercise on the website. Reference: Top 40 Project Management certifications for 2021 and 2022 by Ashton Williams (Scrum Time, ISSN 2652-5445),

I would like to recommend all certification organizations around the world to start offering more modern programs. The same applies to courses and training. I was happy to notice that there are already many project management courses that actually show how all the knowledge can be applied in practice. Reference: The Best Project Management Courses for 2021 and 2022, author: Marta Cooper, PolicyMatters ISSN: 1941-8280, 1941-8272, ISSN National Centre for the USA, United States,

As a certified project manager, how would you present yourself to the team?

My name is Gabrielle Johnson and as you know I am the new certified Project Manager for the project we will be working on together. I know that so far there has been a kind of work and organization, but things will not be the same from now on.

I am a person with experience in my field, I am always looking for new knowledge and skills in order to improve and be able to respond to the changing needs of our clients and our projects. And to be able to work as efficiently, effectively, and harmoniously as possible with the whole team.

It is important for me to know that you are extremely important for achieving the ultimate goals and the implementation of the project. For things to happen and for the company to grow. With the right distribution of tasks, I hope everyone will be able to contribute and receive recognition for the work done.

I am a person who is dedicated to what he does. A person who is decision-oriented, open to ideas, and communication. In the process of our joint work, I want you to know, and in time, to make sure that you can count on me. When there is a problem when you have a proposal, a vision for something, a better proposal, fears that something is not right or will not happen on time, you can and encourage you to come to me and discuss together what is. We are a team and share common goals and values. In order to be successful, we must work together. To communicate, to cooperate. You have my support in the process of work. There are no countries here, we are all on one side, the work should be done and our customers should be satisfied. I also would like you to appreciate my certificate. If you want me to verify it please check in on a popular media. Reference: Best Project Management Certifications for 2021, author: Liam James,

I believe in recognition and giving credit to people who are motivated and work hard. Do not think that your actions and your work go unnoticed. It is only natural for me to give ourselves feedback on the work done in order to make the work process even better, and at the same time to improve ourselves. And here under feedback, I do not mean one-sided, but two-sided. I encourage you to share with me your feedback on my work as well.

I will offer you several ways of communication between us, and periodicity, but in case of urgency or the presence of questions and suggestions do not wait, call me. Team meetings once a month, we will discuss progress, problems, suggestions, identified risks, etc.
You will have at your disposal both my business and personal email, phone, and Skype. If for some reason someone is not in the office, we can zoom in, share a recording, make an outcome of the meeting, etc.

Individual meetings when needed, at the request of you or me. I expect from you open communication, hard and conscientious work on the assigned tasks, and your honest opinion and support. You will receive the same in return.
The project manager is the person who has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, implementation, monitoring, control, and completion of a project.

My role as a certified project manager

My role is such that I have to manage a project that fits into pre-set parameters time, quality, resources. Everything we do or don’t do can affect all or some of the parameters and from there on the customers, on us, and so on. That is why it is more important to discuss things in their infancy and even to make a mistake, to discuss it at the moment of its appearance and to take control again, than to worry about how to say what or why it happened. We are human, mistakes are made, we are here to do work, not to blame ourselves. Therefore, we should consult if we have not understood something or if we are not 100% sure how it should happen and share it in time.

We will focus on the right things, on the distribution of tasks, doing them on time, and quality delivery of results. To improve and appreciate ourselves on this.

We have agreed with the management, upon delivery of the project at the agreed parameters and satisfaction with our customers, to be additionally rewarded for your hard work. And for an even better start, I’ll send you a list of Christmas presents to sign up to see which one you like the most.


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I am confident in our future joint work, you are a team of the best specialists in your field and with the right attitude and work of all of us, I believe that we will achieve incredible results together.

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