Lean strategy with Kaizen for Agile organizations

Lean thinking is a business idea that aims to provide a new way of thinking about how to organize human activities to provide more benefits to society and the value of people while eliminating waste.

Initially, we will focus on training primarily managers, focusing on the development of their ability to think, rather than being forced to perform specialized tasks and use standard practices, tools and procedures, and then naturally Lean thinking will be applied as organizational culture. Reference: “Lean and Agile software development“,

The possible approaches and training that we want to emphasize in our company are the following:

Regular visits and seeing first-hand working conditions and discovering the facts for ourselves, instead of relying on reports and meetings in the boardroom.

The idea is that once we have created the work in one way, it is better to borrow and do as much as possible to keep its price and value.

Understanding the time for the beat and creating a rhythm. This “rhythm”, no matter what the project refers to, lead to the creation of stable value streams, where stable teams will work on a stable set of products with stable environments and processes.

We will work to reduce the time and difficulties in our work, which will bring us closer to ideal achievements. In this way, we can drastically reduce the total cost of our business by reducing the need for additional costs for external contractors, fees, procedures, materials, equipment, and more.

We will visualize our work and processes through Kanban because no matter how capable a manager or contractor is, gaps in the processes are always allowed. Therefore, visualizing tasks, work, and processes through Kanban can visualize work problems and help us a lot.

Lean thinking will look at this differently, trying to optimize our workflow to meet current demand, not imaginary demand next month. Reference: “Lean Management strategy for development in software companies with Scrum and Kanban“,

The workplace is also the place where real people make real value. They will see all the signs of respect from managers who support their employees to add value through ideas and initiatives.

Imposing an understanding that customer satisfaction is paramount and is embedded in every step of the company’s process. You need to focus on each questionable part, analyze and get to the point where you and everyone around you in the team do not pass on defective work and do not accept defective work by stopping the process and reacting immediately when things go wrong.

Reducing the size of production. Every traditional business, whether in production or services, is addicted to the batch or amount of work produced.


We will not achieve perfection through better, smarter systems or heroes, but through the desire to improve our work step by step and together.

Kaizen’s practice is what will create deep and rationally productive thinking in our minds and ultimately lead to a complete transformation.

Practicing Kaizen on an overall organizational level will build our self-confidence and collective confidence that we can face greater challenges and solve our problems together.
We must seek perfection through Kaizen, and more specifically through the Lean approach.

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