Project Manager Job Interview Questions

Project managers apply like any other job posting professional. They must answer the questions the interviewing manager asks them.

Yes exactly. To start working as a project manager, you must appear for an interview and give perfect answers to the questions that will be asked. Reference: “Sample interview questions for a project manager job“,

Sample and Project Manager Job Interview Questions and Answers

To perfectly answer the questions during a job interview, be sure to also read my sample topics in this article. I know there are many similar articles on the Internet with dozens and even hundreds of questions and answers, but these were given to me by a real project manager. So there is a lot of value in them.

Do you have experience and knowledge in the field in which our projects are developed?

I believe in the need for broad knowledge of multiple and varied subjects. In addition to my knowledge and experience in project management, I also have in-depth knowledge in multiple areas, some of which include marketing, finance, energy, and programming fundamentals. Considering the wide range of projects you work with, I believe I would be useful in a large part of them, and my interest and desire to constantly learn and develop would support me in developing knowledge and skills in many other areas as well. Read more: “Questions and answers for a job interview for a project manager“,

Are you willing to manage a team remotely and what measures would you take to track the project and its tasks?

With the COVID pandemic affecting us all, life has largely shifted to the digital environment and remote work. In addition, I am part of one of the first generations to grow up with technology, so working remotely is just as innate and intrinsic to me as it is face-to-face. So to answer your question, yes, I can certainly confirm my willingness to work remotely.
In terms of management and traceability, I will have 15-minute morning meetings with my team so that every day we are aware of who is working on what, how the tasks are going, if they are experiencing any difficulties, and how we could support our resolution. This will ensure firstly a timely start of the working day, secondly traceability of the amount and type of work that is done daily, and last but not least, coordination between different members so that parallel tasks also progress at a good speed. I will also recommend communication through informal channels, through slack, discord, Viber, and similar, in which to actively assist with difficulties and issues that arise in the work process, so that they are addressed promptly. Last but not least, depending on the situation of the team, I will also organize face-to-face meetings so that people get to know each other and feel at ease with each other, overcoming the anxiety that comes with not knowing someone in real life. More interview questions and answers: “Common Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers“,

How would you handle managing and giving feedback to team members who have many more years of experience than you?

Given my age and the recent start of my professional development, it is perfectly realistic to have people (even more than one) on my team with much more experience and expertise than me. However, my role will mean that I will have to manage and give feedback on their work without this fact embarrassing me or softening my approach to them.
I think it’s important that management and feedback should always come after building relationships and gathering information about the person, their role, work, and relationships with other team members. It is normal for a change of environment (in this case a new project manager) to cause some turmoil and the need for adjustment time.
It is especially important for me to remain confident despite our difference in experience and to rely on my strengths and my own experience and expertise in the field of management. Of course, I will always recognize the experience and knowledge of colleagues, and I will also listen to their advice and recommendations. I also won’t worry about not knowing everything and will ask my team for advice on how they think a task is best done. Giving feedback and managing will be a dialogue, and I will also welcome feedback myself. In our joint work, I will prove myself as a professional and my feedback will always be positive, and negative aspects will be presented as constructive criticism so that together we can work on them. Read more: “Project Manager Interview Questions and How to Answer“,

What are the steps for effective project risk management?

Risk management is one of the most important elements of a project manager’s job. Proper risk identification and management help minimize potential problems and maximize successful project execution. It is of utmost importance to identify as many risks as possible from the very first stages of project planning, and subsequently to analyze and evaluate each one of them and to have prepared measures for its addressing.
Already at the start of the project, I will make a detailed list of potential risks that could appear during the life of the project. I will brainstorm ideas with all colleagues and together I will create a detailed plan on how we can prevent and deal with them. I will prepare a matrix of risks concerning the most likely and most critical risks for the project and I will monitor at every stage of the project that they do not manifest themselves, and if possible, that we can deal with them as quickly as possible. Risks are inherent in any project, but if we have a good plan from the beginning, we shouldn’t let them bother us. Sometimes they could even bring us opportunities that we didn’t expect at first if we are prepared and anticipate them.

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What is your favorite aspect of project management and what aspect do you dislike?

My favorite aspect of project management is organization and structure. It gives me real satisfaction to prepare project documentation, anticipate various elements, and subsequently ensure the timely completion of all tasks within their budget. The challenges that this process creates are really interesting and I believe they help one grow both personally and professionally.
The element of management that I don’t like is micro-management, and to my relief, it is something that is not recommended and I do not practice except as a last resort. I believe that the people I work with are good enough experts and know their work well enough that they don’t need anyone else to interfere. Of course, when there are significant performance issues and timelines and budgets are affected, a little micro-management for a short period is not out of the question to identify what is not working and take corrective action.

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